Wyndham Community and Education Centre’s Office is closed to the general public during stage 4 restrictions. While our doors are closed, we are still here working for you so call us on 9742 4013.

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Click the links below to download information relating to VCAL:


VCAL Student Handbook

Access and Equity Policy and Procedure

Accident First Aid Policy

Anaphylaxis Policy

Asthma Policy and Procedure

Child Safe

Code of Ethics

Complaints and Appeals Policy & Procedure

Computers, Internet and E-mail Policy and Procedure

Concessions, Fees, Charges and Refunds

Conflict Resolution Policy & Procedure

Critical Incident and Emergency Management Policy and Procedure

Cyberbullying Policy and Procedure

Debt Collection Policy and Procedure

Decision Making Responsibilities for VCAL & Youth (under-18) Policy and Procedure

Diabetes Policy & Procedure

Epidemic and Pandemic Policy and Procedure

Establishing and Applying Decisions for Satisfactory Completion (including Delay of Satisfactory Completion and Reasonable Adjustment in Assessment)

Excursions Policy and Procedure

Harassment, Discrimination, Victimisation and Anti-Bullying Policy & Procedure

Health Policy & Procedure

Intellectual Property Policy & Procedure

Marketing, Advertising and Promotions Policy and Procedure

Occupational Health and Safety Policy & Procedure

Privacy Policy & Procedure

Privacy & Your Rights

Plagiarism, Cheating and Collusion Policy and Procedure

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Policy and Procedure

Requests for Information About Students

Response to disclosures of Family Violence Policy & Procedure

Smoke Free Environment Policy and Procedure

Social Media Policy and Procedure

Special Consideration Policy and Procedure

Student Code of Conduct

Student Safety and Welfare in VET Programs Policy & Procedure

Sunsmart Policy

VCAL Assessment Policy and Procedure

VCAL Attendance Policy and Procedure

VCAL Discipline Policy and Procedure

VCAL Pathways and Transitions Policy and Procedure

VCAL Selection Enrolment Induction Delivery

VCAL Student Wellbeing and Duty of Care

VCAL Suspension & Expulsion Policy and Procedure



where are we?

Wyndham CEC
20 Synnot Street, Werribee
We are within walking distance of the
Werribee train station and local bus stops.

Contact 97424013 or

for more information about
Wyndham CEC programs
and services.


Other Locations

4 Synnot Street Extension
Werribee VIC 3030
Melways map 205 K8

106 Duncans Road
Werribee VIC 3030
Melways map 206 B9

about wyndham cec

Wyndham Community & Education Centre Inc. (Wyndham CEC) offers quality community programs and education opportunities to the local community.

Founded over 40 years ago, Wyndham CEC is one of Victoria's largest Adult & Community Education providers and a leader in supporting people and communities to make positive changes for their future.