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The Wyndham Humanitarian Network




The Wyndham Community and Education Centre Inc., auspices the Wyndham Humanitarian Network (WHN), a grouping of over forty Federal, State, Local Government, community service providers and community leaders. This network was established in 2006 to provide an integrated settlement service to newly arrived migrants and refugees to Wyndham.


The Network’s activities have gained recognition and appreciation from several Federal, State & Local Government bodies. Its Social Inclusion Program has been replicated by many settlement networks both within and outside Victoria. It has won several awards, including the National Crime and Violence Prevention Award 2009 for its work with the Sudanese community.


The WHN has been involved in facilitating the settlement of new communities, the majority of them from refugee backgrounds, in Wyndham since 2006 when large numbers of Karen and Sudanese arrivals settled in the area.

Currently, there are an estimated 3,000 Karen and over 500 Sudanese living in Wyndham.  Attracted by affordable housing and settlement services available in Wyndham, many members of these communities as well as other migrants continue to settle here.

Working under the Wyndham Social Inclusion Program, the WHN works closely in obtaining community feedback, identifying issues that affect the settlement of new migrants and refugees to Wyndham, and providing positive outcomes in integrating the diverse communities of Wyndham.

The Wyndham Humanitarian Network is chaired by Jennie Barrera, CEO of the Wyndham Community and Education Centre Inc., and is made up of a Leaders Group and six Working Groups.  The Leaders Group meets on a six weekly basis at the Wyndham Community and Education Centre and the Working Groups meet on a regular basis depending on the group. The six Working Groups are:

  • Education
  • Employment and Training
  • Events
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Legal, Housing and Consumer Issue
  • Youth

For any enquiries please contact Kathy Brunton on 9742 4013.